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aboutCharles Benjamin is an interior architect and interior decorator specialising in traditional interiors for contemporary living
His designs blend classical elegance and contemporary comfort and are inspired by historical interiors. Charged with intimacy and romanticism, his work is signified by an eclectic mix of antique furniture, old master portraits, and a careful attention to proportion and scale.

Educated at Newcastle and the Royal College of Art, Charles’s background in architecture allows him to infuse his designs with an air of completeness gained through a total understanding of the building and space. This translates into end-to-end projects that are appropriate for the spaces they find themselves in. Setting, proportion, and scale are respected and artworks and furniture are sourced because of their aesthetic and architectural properties.

With a youth spent in the US and Canada and extensive travels throughout Europe, Charles draws on a wide range of inspiration and is able to combine seemingly disparate styles with ease.

Projects draw on the talents and expertise of leading conservators, upholsterers, restorers, and other craftsmen to imbue rooms with grace, elegance, and refinement.

Clients are encouraged to invest deeply in the creative process and help shape all aspects of their spaces. This is particularly welcomed by those new to the design world who appreciate a close and collaborative approach.

With projects in Canada, the United Kingdom, and United States, Charles’s designs translate well on both sides of the Atlantic and are adapted effortlessly to varying styles of living.

Charles benjamin
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